In a previous post, I wrote about installing Alfresco (Community Edition) on OSX Mavericks in order to take a look at the new features in Alfresco version 5 (5.0.a).

Now that I have Alfresco 5 up and running I want to learn more about Alfresco Share, Share Page Creation and the Share Widget Library.

Enabling Client-Debug Mode

When developing with Alfresco it is much easier to work with uncompressed resources (e.g., JavaScript and CSS) than it is to work with "minified" resources.

We can tell Alfresco to use uncompressed resources by switching Share into “client-debug” mode.

First, we need to locate the Share custom configuration file:

Then, open it in your favourite editor:

cd /Applications/alfresco/5.0.a/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension/
open -a TextEdit share-config-custom.xml

And, update it as follows:


Now, restart Alfresco:

/Applications/alfresco/5.0.a/ start

And, you should see the new Debug Menu: